Adrenal Function Test
Food Sensitivity Test
Complete Thryoid Screen
microbiome screen gut
Microbiome Screen Gut

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Lab Tests Direct provides a range of pathology and general wellness tests to help you actively participate in your health care decisions. Our testing is offered worldwide so if you are international client and would like to get access to a test please contact our customer service staff to get assistance.

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What’s included in your health kit.

The Test

• Kit Registration Information for Physician
• Review Easy-to-Follow Instructions
• Sterile Collection Tools
• Pre-Paid Return Shipping
• Health and Wellness report from LabTestsDirect

Lab Tests Direct Report

The Results

• Accurate, Physician-Reviewed Results from a CLIA-Certified Lab
• Actionable Data and Insights
• Secure Results Platform from Any Device
• Dedicated Clinical Customer Support Team
• A Better Understanding of Your Health

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Adrenal Function Test
food sensitivity test
Food Sensitivity Test
Complete Thyroid Screen
Microbiome Screen Basic


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