DNA tests assist and help you lose weight. This is how

Healthy Weight DNA Profile tests

Clinical studies confirm that DNA tests can help reveal the ideal diet for your genetic makeup, lose weight, and maintain weight loss more easily.

This may sound too good to be true, provide a sample of your saliva, and you will find the answers to the million dollar question that has plagued many. Why can’t I lose weight? Why can’t I sleep? What exercise should I do?

The DNA tests can provide clues regarding your nutrition, fitness, and sleep to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight and improve heart health conditions. We have wearable health products that can track, count calories and fitness activities. DNA tests are the next layer of information to complete the health strategy and plan.

DNA tests originated with the idea and became mainstream as it was the first of its kind to traditional tests that were used to estimate your level of risk in developing various diseases. The Healthy Weight DNA Profile tests focuses on providing users more information about their DNA sequencing, accessible human data. It analyses an individual’s genetic profile and results to let you know what and how something is impacting you, you can find these products from Lab Tests Direct. 

The Health Weight DNA Profile tests are not the quick fix to weight loss as there is no magic diet pill, you need to understand more about your well-being so that you can make healthier decisions, find ideal diets and develop an exercise routine that is tailored to your genetics. This will increase your chance of losing weight than with a certain type of diet that wasn’t designed to understand. DNA tests are very useful to get more insights into the little things that impact us, and we can use it and tweak our lifestyle to be healthier. 

If you’re planning to purchase one, remember to consider your lifestyle and use the DNA tests to pinpoint areas of improvement in your health, exercise more, and be more attentive to your diet.

Lab Tests Direct Healthy Weight DNA Profile tests cost AUD 395, and it will tell you how to make diets more compatible with your genes to achieve maximum weight loss. Nutripath manufactures the tests. It should be used to gain insight, and it’s your determination and behaviour that will determine the output. 

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